We Are Innovation

At Automation & Co. we’re fully committed on providing our customers innovative technologies to their homes, businesses or residential complex. They can enjoy the best experience possible when it comes to home automation technologies.

With years of experience in the European market, we’re arriving in Dubai to provide our best to all kind of customers. The home automation revolution began in Europe and currently the best technology available hails from the great old continent. And we’re ready to take the Dubai area by storm.

Automation & Co.’s offering of products and services includes a wide range of utilities that make the user have a great experience and make the technological features installed much easier to access and customize to their needs. Our innovations cover all the aspects and needs for automated home systems: lightning, temperature control, audio-visuals, home theatre experiences and more


We Exceed Your Expectations

Our innovation products will exceed your expectations, and your Dubai property will be totally upgraded with the latest developments in home automation technology, mixed with all the elements you’re looking for in terms of efficiency, environment-friendly, and more.

Always exceeding our customers’ expectations when it comes to our products & services, Automation & Co. will give you the type of service you’ve always looked for when it comes to home automation technology and solutions while in the UAE, as we provide high-class service and quality, using some of the latest developments (that cover both products and services) on high tech provisions for residences and business.