We Use Led Technologies

Although for many LED, acronym for light-emitting diode, seems to be like the latest trend in appliances such as televisions and automobiles, it actually has been around for many years, hailing from the late 1980s. But now, this is the time where that concept has taken a new peak. For multiple manufacturers, LED technology has been largely as an ultimate innovative tool, that offers them and their clients a number of significant advantages, and also it performs way better than average lighting solutions available today.

Having more clarity in the lighting of your spaces is really important, and using LED not only provides you brighter spaces but also is more beneficial in terms of energy consumption. That’s another way that LED technology proves how efficient and how customer-friendly it actually is. One other great element about LED technology our clients can feel relieved of, is the guarantee, it has been proved multiple times how reliable and how long lasting it is compared to traditional lighting systems, and also, its set-up is much simpler and less complicated than regular settings.


You’ll be receiving a truly advanced, full reliable service and most important: having LED technologies installed helps you reduce electricity consumption in many ways, even doing so up to 40% every month. So, this is definitely the solution you need in your home, business or building complex. And for our clients we’re committed to always provide the best of the best, and this is one of those choices that are more convenient than ever to make, and when it comes to their spaces, we’re going to take care of that by adding more light through our LED technology.

Automation & Co. is ready and fully equipped with the latest instruments available in the region to give your house, business or building the most stylish and sophisticated touches thanks to our powerful LED technology systems. Our offering is superior, including the latest elements in this field, also providing you better and more reliable light for your spaces, and it perfectly fits the demands that we know our clients all over the UAE are looking for.