Quality of Job

Highly Qualified

Anywhere around the world you go, you’re always in the verge for a great service. Automation & Co. is ready to deliver and fulfil your needs, we’re committed to always exceed your expectations and that’s our ultimate goal here in the UAE. Our mission is to deliver the best of the best to all of our customers with our quality of job and here in Dubai that’s our signature.

Our technicians are experienced, highly qualified and also specially trained for the type of procedures they will be performing in your house. Also, for better specifications on the solutions you’ll get installed, you can perfectly as the technician that visits your house, they will be more than ready for any questions you may have.

With our precise and efficient work quality we provide our clients a reliable and comfortable experience when it comes to the install of their home automation systems. Also, we sent out technicians and specialists with top qualifications, so we ensure our customers that their homes and the innovations to be installed are in the best hands available in the UAE.


Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Always providing efficiency, innovation and most importantly: solutions to our customers. That’s our goal, to always provide the best solutions to you and your loved ones, as like that we help you improve your quality of life and make your life in the UAE much easier.

Including partners such as Cisco, Crestron, Savant, and Control4, we make sure that our customers receive the most advanced technology in their homes to ensure that living is made much easier to them and make them feel more at ease while staying in Dubai. Automation & Co.’s main commitment is with you and your family, we’re more than happy to make your house in Dubai that comfy space you’ve always wanted.

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