Residential Services

Automation & Co. has arrived to the United Arab Emirates to provide the best services for those who are interested in making their house the best and most comfortable place there is in town, with our home automation solutions we’re looking forward to provide customers all over the Dubai area the most advanced solutions for their houses.

Our home solution services provide clients a wide variety of utilities that go from lightning all the way to home security, our residential solutions have been developed having our customers’ needs in mind all the way from beginning to end. Automation & Co.’s team is highly qualified in providing the right solutions our customers need.

For Residential Services We Include Amenities Such As

Lighting control: with the touch of a button or through the mobile app that we offer our customers to download so they can easily control the lights in their apartment or residence and customize them on the mood or activity they feel to do whenever they want. Our advanced solutions for home lightning also provide our customers the option to switch the lights inside their properties in order for them being able to simulate states of occupancy or vacancy depending the needs of our customer.


Control air conditioning: with this feature we give customers total freedom when it comes to setting up the temperature they want to have inside their properties.

Additional environmental features: these include – heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, appliances, curtains and blinds.

Telecommunication features: these cover elements such as telephone systems, email, Internet connection, intercom, and video conferencing, together with many more. All of these are 100% customizable to our customer’s needs.

Home Security: our security solutions include the latest technology fit to what our customers need today. These are also combined with our home solutions in order to bring a more complete experience and to meet all the needs our customers want inside their homes.

Audio video system: Enjoy a multiroom audio system, with all your favorite music everywhere at home. Your Home Theater can be integrated in your living room or in a dedicated room to make the movie come true.

Motorized shades & curtains control: The outdoor natural light has to be considered in your way of life and the management of your curtains or shades is an important part of your confort.

All of these options that we offer are made keeping in mind the accommodations and necessities you and your loved ones may have while enjoying the exciting lifestyle of the always interesting city of Dubai. With Automation & Co. you and your loved ones will enjoy some of the best accessories to complement your house in town.