Underwater Light Solutions

Our underwater light solutions are custom to what the customer needs in particular, and the best thing of it all is that these services are completely versatile and adaptable to multiple scenarios. Currently, the main services we offer are for yachts and boats.

We offer a wide variety of options for yachts. Solutions are customizable depending on size, and specific needs our customer has at the time they approach us to get these services from us. And the more specifications you provide the better we will be able to give you the right tools and products for the underwater illumination you want for your yacht or boat.

Our products are designed in a way the fit accurately the demand of industrial and heavy water works, also they provide customers perfect adaptation to waterfronts, bridges and marinas. Here at Automation & Co we always have you in mind, and we always make sure that your needs are fulfilled as desired.

underwater light2

The underwater lighting product line uses state of the art design and technology to ensure the maximum efficiency with these equipment, also these are fabricated using excellent and environmentally friendly materials. Any of the lights you obtain with us, have a maximum in-sea depth of 20 metres.

Keep in mind that Automation & Co.’s underwater lighting solutions come from the most recent techniques used right now all over the globe, bringing them over to the Dubai area, and provide 100% adaptions to what our customers are looking for. The lighting options can be either full white lights or RGB-colour lights, these are the possibilities we have available.

With Automation & Co. your home or business will look updated and friendlier to your current needs, our underwater light solutions are designed to make your experience the best one possible and to provide a better overall aspect to your outdoor spaces that feature pools, or sea-level scenarios. It’s a solution you can definitely trust!